Hello Glam Fam!

Thank you for visiting our new website and interactive beauty blog, Verified Vixen.   

It has been a long time in the making, however we are excited to share our new vision for VIXEN Salon with all of our loyal customers and supporters. As you know we love ALL things beauty and glam over at VIXEN. However, we wanted the opportunity to share more with you guys when it comes to hair, makeup and beauty trends. With that being said, THISISVIXEN.com is your all inclusive destination when wanting to book an appointment, learn more about our services and connect with us through our weekly blog, VERIFIED VIXEN.

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support our journey in this industry. It's your support that allows myself, and the team at VIXEN, to continue pursuing our passion. We look forward to connecting with you again and please take a moment to subscribe to our VIXEN newsletter for all the latest beauty tips, salon specials and more! Until next time my fellow VIXENS!


Versy Picone

Owner & Founder